starting a detox program

Many things may have led you to finally decide on starting a detox program. You may have been taking too much alcohol into your system. You might just be a junk food lover who can’t seem to stay a day without eating junk, or you’re a substance abuser who’s used to taking harmful drugs. No judgments here, but no matter what category you fall into, detoxing your system from these toxins is the way to go. 

Detoxing your system doesn’t have to be as hard as many think it to be. Using fruits to cleanse your system has been achieved for ages, and this is exactly what we would be explaining in this article. Let’s help you on your detox journey armed with nothing but fruits. 

Starting a Detox Program – What is it?  

Detoxification involves the removal of harmful toxins from the body which is usually caused by improper eating and lack of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Toxins move around in your body when you do not take care or take charge of what goes into your body. We’re literally what we eat, and what we eat or take in is what our body functions with. 

Now a detox program would mean a ‘cleanse diet’ which is built around a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, healthy grains, and proteins that will leave you satisfied and energized. Starting a detox program provides maximum nourishment and builds the foundation for long-lasting eating habits to restore your body to its best state. There are a lot of benefits one can get from detoxing. Glowing and clearer skin is one of them. If this interests you, we wrote an article on fruits that help your skin glow.

Things to Know Before Starting a Detox Program 

There are some important things to know before detox, including how to start a detox program, how long detox takes, and what to do before detox proper. 

These are the ways you can prepare for your at-home detox. Following these guides will help make your detox program an all-around success. They include: 

1. Map out the duration of the detox program

It’s always important that you have a duration in mind when starting a detox plan. Having a duration in mind gives your entire detox program structure and a sense of purpose and direction. There is a different duration of days you can choose. Popular durations include a 7-day plan, 10-day plan, 21-day plan, or even month-long programs. You don’t necessarily have to follow the trend out there. Pick out a duration that works best for you and stick with it.

2. Structure a meal plan 

Having a meal plan is extremely important. Your meal plan will consist of a component of a balanced diet. Your meal plan should have breakfast, lunch, and supper all mapped out. You can also include snacks you will be taking in between meals. You don’t have to starve yourself when starting a detox program; instead, you’re going to load up on all of the food items that will help your body function optimally. Don’t know the fruits to include on your food plan? Fruit Garden has a 7-day fruit plan to help you with your detox program. 

3. Create an exercise routine 

Food and exercise can be a powerful combination. Create a strict workout session during your detox program. Engaging in physical exercises that make you sweat is important. Toxins can pass out through our sweat, eliminating toxins from our bodies. This is what happens during detox. Make sure to pick out select exercises for different days. 

4. Ensure to load up on water 

Try your best to drink about 3 litres of water every day while on your detox program. Remaining hydrated helps to flush toxins through the liver and out of the body. You can set reminders throughout the day to remind you to drink water. 

5. No alcohol 

We’re trying to remove toxins from the body with our body program of which alcohol is one such toxin. Therefore, quit alcohol, at least during your detox program. Other things that can accompany alcohol such as smoking, vaping, shisha, etc. 

starting a detox program

6. Ensure to get enough sleep 

The body needs at least 8 hours to function optimally. So, during your detox program, you must be particular about the hours of sleep that you’re getting. Sleep on its own is great therapy. Now, imagine good sleep and a great diet. 

7. Avoid negativity 

You would be surprised by the sheer amount of damage that stressful conditions and negativity are doing to our bodies. We’re all about restoring our health to shape with our detox program, and this also includes our mental health. During your detox period, avoid situations and people that bring negativity into your lives. Moreover, this attitude should be stamped in our lives post-detox.

An Overview of Fruit Detox – Starting a Detox Program

A fruit detox is a type of cleansing that involves consuming only fruits, vegetables, and other plant-based foods for some time, usually several days to a week. The goal of a fruit detox is to help the body eliminate toxins, improve digestion, boost energy levels, and promote overall health and wellness.

During a fruit detox, you may eat whole fruits or drink fruit juices, but you’ll generally avoid other types of foods, including meat, dairy, and processed foods. Some fruit detox plans may allow for limited amounts of whole grains or lean proteins, but the focus is on consuming a high volume of fruits and vegetables.

Before starting a detox program, it is important to note that fruit detoxes are typically low in calories and may help with weight loss, but they can also be challenging to follow and may not provide all the nutrients your body needs over an extended period. So, it is essential to combine your fruit detox with other healthy food items.

Key Takeaways From Things to Know Before Starting a Detox Program 

Starting a detox program is just the ideal way to hit a reset on the foods you consume. You can do this by starting a fruit detox plan. Incorporating fruits and fresh veggies into your diet has proven benefits to your body. 

You may not be thrilled about your eating habits or might feel like you need a reboot to get on a healthier path. Use the fruit detox plan from Fruit Gardens to get started on this reset. Armed with an array of local and foreign fruit combo, Fruit Garden seeks to provide healthier options for people who want to detox using food.

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